About the Website

This is my very personal website. It describes my passion for sailing and photography and my love for my family and our home, Knightstone Manor. It doesn’t aim at telling about my business activities, but I have included a short page about the businesses I am involved in, and what I have been doing in the past.

The website starts with my marriage to Jennifer in 2005 and follows our family from that time in the Family tab. With the introduction of the new website in autumn 2015, I also commenced a Blog about everyday things or more important events.

During two years we went sailing with our yacht Adèle. A description of Adèle as well as of our adventures with her during those years from 2005 to 2007 can be found in Adèle.

I have collected some of my best or most interesting images in a series of galleries and put together in Portfolio. There are some of my landscape and travel photographs but also a few portraits. If you are interested in photography that is a good place to start browsing. And if you would like to submit a comment or ask a question, you can do that at the end of every blog or gallery or you can just click on the contact page and send a message.

You can also subscribe to my website and be notified every time I publish a new gallery or blog. At the bottom of every post you will find a box, where you can write your email address and click Subscribe. And at the same place you can also follow me via Facebook by clicking the “f-follow” sign. All my postings will automatically by updated on Facebook.