Adèle going up into the wind

Adèle is arguably one of the most beautiful sailing yachts that ever crossed the oceans. She was my dream and became my reality together with Jennifer, my wife and the Captain and crew. Jennifer and I spent two years aboard her from her launch in 2005 until we sold her in 2007. During that time we sailed the corresponding distance of one Atlantic crossing each month of those 24 months. We went north of Svalbard into the pack ice and south to Antarctica and crossed the South Pacific in between.

I have one tab that describes Facts and Figures about Adèle. Then I am telling about our voyages in five different galleries. They describe our sailings in chronological order from the launch in Holland to the final sailing in the Caribbean in May 2007.

During the first part we sailed north from Holland to Svalbard and further north and then turned south to Sweden. There in Aug 2005 Jennifer and I got married and we christened Adèle. The wedding and christening of Adèle are described in two Family slide shows, see those tabs.

Then we continue with the second chapter (gallery) describing our sailing from Sweden after the Christening to the Med and across to the Caribbean and down to Panama. The third leg covers the South Pacific from Galapagos to Polynesia and Melanesia and finally New Zealand.

The fourth gallery, Southbound, follows Adèle on her voyage from Auckland around Cape Horn and then further south to Antarctica. Then we turn north to the Falklands and finally South Georgia. Finally the fifth gallery tells the final chapter in our ownership. We sailed to Brazil and from Brazil back to the Caribbean.