East Neuk – Elie

The harbour at Elie at sunset

“Neuk” is the Scots word for nook. The East Neuk or eastern corner of the “Kingdom of Fife” is one of the hidden gems of Scotland. It consists of the fishing villages of the most northerly part of the Firth of Forth and the land and villages around it. I had the pleasure of being invited there a few days on a photographic trip together with a couple of friends. 

After all my photos from Norway and from Dead Valley and other parts of California that I have displayed before, I will now publish a few from Scotland. After East Neuk I continued to the Western Highlands a few days, unfortunately with less luck with the weather in this stunning scenery, but after East Neuk I will follow up with a few photos from the other parts of Scotland.

But first a few photos from a few of the lovely fishing villages of East Neuk and I start with the most westerly – Elie.

The lighthouse at Elie Ness as the sun was setting

We visited Elie around sunset. The harbour was built in the 16th century and is now popular with pleasure craft. The lighthouse that figures in one of my photos was first lit in 1908 and stands on a ness just outside the harbour of Elie. It is guiding ships and pleasure crafts entering the Firth of Forth. The small town is built around the harbour.

The town of Elie just before sunset

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