Sunset over Exmouth

Exmouth Beach at sunset

River Exe runs more or less from North to South. It starts its journey up on Exmoor only 5 miles from the Bristol Channel and runs mainly through Devon until it comes through the city of Exeter and finally Exmouth before it meets the see. Exmouth is a small town with a large beach. A large sandbank coming out from the west provides a protected anchorage for sailing and motor yachts.

Exmouth Beach offers a playground for the kids during warm summer weather and a place all year for romantic walks or just an evening stroll with your dog. I set up my camera on a tripod one evening, waiting for the sun to set opposite me. Just to the left of the setting sun the sandbank protecting the harbour can be seen and a few sailing yachts at their moorings or at anchor. The entrance to the harbour and to the estuary of river Exe can be seen just above the dog in the picture.