Music at the Manor

On the first day of July, the local church at Ottery St Mary offered “Music at the Manor”. The arranged a smorgasboard of opera singing, jazz, choir singing and more traditional instrument music at different venues around our Manor. It took place in the early evening and in between everyone enjoyed the picnics that they had brought with them. And in traditional English style, the guests brought blankets and picnic tables and set it all up in our wildflower meadow above the Manor.

The weather Gods gave us their blessing and the sun was shining all through the evening until the last sun rays disappeared behind the hills behind Exeter. 

  • 001-170701-KM-102JE
  • Fiona Martin
  • Fiona’s mother
  • Guests listering
  • Jennifer and Mikee
  • Guests
  • For the opera we all moved to the rose garden
  • Jennifer with an ice cream
  • Our opera singer  in the rose garden
  • Guests
  • We had a sunny evening
  • Guests
  • Fiona accompaning our opera singer
  • Guests during the picnic in the wild flower meadow
  • The Jazz orchestra with Steven, the vicar, at the left
  • Picnic at the meadow
  • Picnic at the meadow
  • Katie Martin and Mikee
  • Back in the courtyard the church choir finished with some songs