4 Parties & Happy New Year

Mikee went to the Philippines already before Christmas and after the holidays Jennifer followed leaving Eric and I alone at Knightstone. They will come back on the 6th of January.

But our friends made sure that we were well looked after. Jennifer left on the 29th and on both the 30 and 31 of December Eric and I attended two parties each day. But when it came close to midnight on New Year’s Eve, we celebrated just the two of us at home at Knightstone, which the final image illustrates. We toast you, our friends, and we toast the New Year 2019.

The First Party

Our first party was a lunch with Tim and Tiggy Leysh on the 30th of December. Tiggy is to the right and Tim is the guy with the salad bowl Tiggy is to the right and Tim is the guy with the salad bowl
The children had great fun playing

The Second Party

The second party was a drinks party at Lisa and Allen Preger the same evening. They spend most of their time in California but come back to England during their holidays

The Third Party

Our third party was a brunch on New Year’s Eve with Louise and Mike. Mike Burgess was Eric’s headmaster a couple of years ago.

The Fourth Party

The fourth party was another dinks party given by Alex and Phil Larkin to the left and right.
The younger girls enjoying the bar food

A Happy New Year

In the evening, Eric and I prepared for the celebration of the New Year and brought out the champagne. Cheers to all our friends and for 2019. Eric and Jan-Eric