A lovely disappointment

Start Point with its lighthouse just after sunrise. Beautiful clouds but no sunshine!

Some days you feel you have really achieved what you wanted to do and you feel great. Others you haven’t done so well and you are maybe a little bit miserable. But yesterday I failed to achieve the photos I wanted to have and I felt great!

I went to Start Point which is a promontory at the South Devon coast between Dartmouth and Salcombe with beautiful rock formations and at the very end is a lighthouse. I left two hours before sunrise to be there for the spectacular event as it always is, when you see the sun rise – in this case from the sea. And driving from Knightstone to Start Point – a lot of which is on small roads where you cannot meat any car – I could imagine that the clouds would be spectacular.

But I arrived and set up my camera, and at sunrise the horizon was covered with a thick layer of clouds, so no sun appeared. A big disappointment! Further up on the firmament the sky opened up so the sky turned out as attractive as I had hoped for, but I needed the sun rays to backlight the promontory and its rocks to get the image I wanted to catch.

All the same, Start Point is a wonderful place to be, the morning was beautiful, the wind was fresh, the walk along the Coastal Path to Great Mattiscombe Sand was exciting and I could sit down beside a cove and watch not less than three seals playing. But again no photo opportunity for me– when I crawled closer with my camera the seals dived down and disappeared. And just after the seals a group of friendly sheep decided the they didn’t mind my photographic pursuits.

So I had a couple of fabulous morning hours at Start Point but didn’t get any of the photos I was expecting. But I decided to illustrate my blog with two of the photos anyway.