Autumn at Fingle Bridge

The sun comes up over the hills at Fingle Bridge

I came back to Fingle Bridge to capture some of the autumn colours and have a nice walk along river Teign. Near Fingle Bridge the Teign valley is very narrow and steep, so it takes some time in the morning before the sun appears. The image above shows the sun at around 9:15, more than two hours after sunrise, and I captured the image as the sun peaked over the hill on the south side.

The bridge was built in the 17th century. It is a packhorse bridge, really too narrow for cars, although a car can pass if it is small enough. The bridge has two piers with cutwaters to help prevent debris from blocking the river. The cutwaters rise to parapet level and provides a refuge, if a horse and carriage would pass by, while you are walking. I used the wider area to set up my tripod for another image of Fingle Bridge Inn and the area downstream (see below).

Looking east along River Teign from the bridge. To the left is Fingle Bridge Inn. The image is captured two hours later than the previous one.

I walked in the other direction, upriver in a westerly direction. It had rained the previous week (when doesn’t it on Dartmoor?), and the river carried a lot of water and the footpaths were quite wet. The images below show the river and you can see the footpath that I walked alongside (one of the dryer parts of the path).

Some rapids along the river
Along River Teign