Cadgwith Cove

Cadgwith Cove at sunrise

Cadgwith Cove is on the east side of the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. I visited it both midday and one early morning around sunrise. Above is an image of the stony beach at one part of the Cove. Beside it is the harbour, where active fishing boats are bringing in their catch. The boats are still pulled up on the beach with a motorised winch. The image below shows the harbour and some of the houses in and surrounding the idyllic cove.

The harbour at Cadgwith Cove. The tractor is used to unload the catch from the fishing boat at the far end of the beach

Below we see first a fishing boat approaching the harbour and then being pulled up on the beach (the orange boat) and after that the blue fishing boat just approaching the beach to be grounded until that one too was pulled out of the water and onto the beach.

Approaching Cadgwith Cove harbour
The next fishing boat is beached at Cadgwith Cove

The next morning I was back to capture the sunrise at the cove just south of the beach where the previous images was taken. The first image was taken just before the sun could be seen and the second one a three minutes later as the sun was lighting up the cliffs on the right hand side of the cove. And the very first image at the top of my post is captured another 10 minutes later.

As the sun is rising but haven’t yet reach the cove
The sun warming up the cliffs on the south side

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