Cappadocia Landscapes III

Sword’s Valley

From our week in Cappadocia in May I publish a few more photos from Sword’s Valley and Rose Valley. The later has got its name from the red or rose colour of the stone. For more background of Cappadocia see my first post with an introduction to Cappadocia.

Sword’s Valley with some verdant grass and flowers between the rocks
Some of the fairy chimneys were made into dwellings or had at one time harboured monks or just storage areas
Cavusin cave dwellings
Sword’s Valley

From Swords’ Valley we move on to Red Valley, which is very attractive to walk as you can see in some of the overview shots. In the far distance the town of Uchisar can be seen, with its characteristic “castle”, which is just a very large mountain rising higher than all the surrounding areas.

Red or Rose Valley
Red or Rose Valley overview
This final image is captured back at Swords’ Valley with the ubiquitous balloon sailing above the rock formations

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