Cheddar Gorge

One beautiful day in the week before Easter I went up to Cheddar Gorge. It is a limestone gorge, 400 feet deep and three miles long. It was formed at the last Ice Age, when water from melting glaciers formed a river and started to carve into the soft limestone rock.

The river later went underground and and created the famous Cheddar Caves. In part of the caves, the famous Cheddar cheese is matured before we can buy it in the shops.

I climbed up the escarpment for a walk, my first difficult nature trail since I had my knee operation. But all went well. The photos below are taken at the middle of the day, when the light is relatively flat. I must get back for the evening light one day. All the photos are from the top of the escarpment on the steep south side.

Cheddar gorge with the village of Cheddar in the background.
A slightly different view. Notice the road far below and the tiny cars
Looking in the other direction, east. Again notice the size of the cars below