Spring at Knightstone

One sign of spring at Knightstone is all the magnolia blossom around the house and garden. Our little man is surrounded by white and pink magnolia trees and also the camellia bush has started to blossom (the red flowers)

But in the rose garden, there are hardly any flowers yet. We are still waiting for the explosion of colour and the trees are bare.

Above the rose garden, the garden paths take you to more magnolia trees covered white by the fallen petals, and beyond are the elusive newborn lambs. i tried to catch them for this blog, but their mothers brought them to a safe distance, so i gave up.

In our courtyard Lewis is painting with the walls in different colours

On the slopes to the stream, the last of the daffodils can still be seen in the foreground.

And soon it will be time for breakfasts outside, beside the stream.