Storm from the West

Skallen’s lighthouse

The day after my previous “Walk on Marstrand” described in my blog, the wind had increased further. As the evening approached and the sun caressed the cliffs with its golden rays, I took the camera bag on the back and the tripod in my hand and with Eric and Mikee we went for an evening walk. The braking waves were so load that we had to come really close to be able to talk to each other. A few other people were also out, all fascinated with the views that nature offered.

The tripod was difficult to bring to any use, for the wind was howling and shaking everything so I had to use a fast shutter speed anyway. The kids unfolded their arms and pretended to fly as the wind caught them.

Mikee at Skallen’s lighthouse around 7 pm


Along the coast in a southeastern direction. One of the few photos captured with a tripod and a very wide angle lens.

We walked towards the northwestern part of the island close to Skallen’s Lighthouse. There I had an untold number of rocks and skerries to capture and I could either photograph towards the north and the lighthouse or towards the south and the landscape of miniature rocks and protected bays.  We even spotted a pair of swans swimming in a little bay nearly enclosed by the surrounding skerries, before they decided to dare the storm and break out from the bay to the wilder waters outside.

Mikee, sitting to the right on a rock, admiring the breaking seas