Cotswolds July 2021

The Manor House Hotel at Moreton-in-Marsh built of the typical Cotswold stone and bathed in the last sun rays of the evening

In July this year the family visited the Cotswolds during a few days. Jennifer had always wanted to visit the area and see the villages, and this year of the pandemic offered an opportunity to do that and not stray away too far from our home. The images are not my typical landscape photography, as I didn’t have time to bring a tripod for all my photos and couldn’t destroy the family dinners at lovely Manor House hotels by disappearing with my camera and lenses. But I decided to publish the photos anyway on my website among other portfolio slide shows.

We started our journey by staying two nights at Whatley Manor, not far from Malmesbury in the south Cotswolds. Then we continued to the Lower Slaughter Manor in the central Cotswolds for another two days. Lower Slaughter is a small village that is quintessential Cotswolds with beautiful houses all erected by the Cotswolds stones. And the countryside walks are very attractive.

Finally we finished off with a night at Buckland Manor, the archetypal Manor House Hotel, which I loved since visits long time ago, before our family had a Manor House ourselves. And its location next to Sudeley Castle, Snowshill with its lavender fields and the lovely village of Broadway made it a suitable last stepping stone.

And as it was a family holiday you will get images of my family as well as of the villages and its churches.

Cotswold Slideshow: Click on the arrows to advance the images

  • 001-210712-Cotswold-033-JE
  • 002-210712-Cotswold-029-JE
  • River Avon passed by just towards the end of the grounds of the Manor
  • 004-210712-Cotswold-026-JE
  • 005-210712-Cotswold-022-JE-Edit
  • 006-210712-Cotswold-027-JE
  • 007-210712-Cotswold-040-JE-HDR
  • Connecting the two hamlets was this little clapper bridge (Keble’s Bridge)
  • 009-210712-Cotswold-055-JE-HDR-Edit
  • 010-210713-Cotswold-066-JE
  • 011-210713-Cotswold-071-JE
  • 012-210713-Cotswold-078-JE
  • Jennifer showing the size of the doorway into one of the cottages.
  • And a not entirely happy Eric posing in the same doorway
  • A footpath next to Arlington Row.
  • Bibury Church
  • 017-210713-Cotswold-090-JE
  • The parish church of St John the Baptist at Burford built in the 15th century
  • Another view of the parish church
  • 020-210713-Cotswold-107-JE-Edit
  • 021-210713-Cotswold-105-JE
  • 022-210713-Cotswold-112-JE
  • 023-210714-Cotswold-116-JE
  • 024-210714-Cotswold-134-JE-Edit
  • The Church at Upper Slaughter
  • My family taking a rest at the return from the walk
  • The watermill at Lower Salughter
  • Another little cottage with the watermill in the background
  • 029-210714-Cotswold-146-JE
  • The Market Hall of Moreton-in-Marsh, built in 1887
  • 031-210714-Cotswold-157-JE
  • Along the main street of Moreton-in-Marsh
  • Another image of the Manor House Hotel
  • 034-210715-Cotswold-161-JE
  • Eric and Mama share some secrets at Sudeley Castle
  • Jennnifer and Eric
  • And with Mikee joining them on the bench
  • Snowshill Village with another typical row of cottages
  • Snowshill Church in evening light
  • 040-210715-Cotswold-326-JE-Edit
  • The lavender fields in evening light
  • 042-210715-Cotswold-205-JE-Edit
  • And among a field of …
  • Lots of bees helped with the polination
  • Stanton Village with the Village Cross in front of Rose Cottage
  • 046-210715-Cotswold-298-JE
  • The dreawing up close
  • And the church of St Michael and All Angels from another angle
  • 049-210715-Cotswold-191-JE
  • 050-210716-Cotswold-371-JE
  • another view of the main street at Broadway
  • 052-210716-Cotswold-368-JE
  • 053-210716-Cotswold-369-JE

2 thoughts on “Cotswolds July 2021

  1. A fantastic part of Britain where time appears to have stood still, since woooltrade was at it’s best! Camilla and I spent a lovely weekend there some years ago

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