Family Christmas

2020 has truly been a different year. The pandemic, Brexit, the US election, a very tumultuous stock market. We spent Christmas with only the immediate family present. This is the first time since year 2001 that we celebrate Christmas at Knightstone without anyone of my older children present.

And since many years we have had the Church Choir singing at Knightstone before Christmas, but now that and many other events have to be postponed until 2021. Hopefully we will be able to vaccinate the main part of our population, which is the only way to come back to something like more normal times. If we ever will be back to those times?

We had a smaller tree this year and Jennifer limited the Christmas decorations to our main rooms although their were “advents lights” in nearly every window of the Manor.

We went out once, having a dinner at Michael Caine’s Lympstone Manor, but other wise we stayed at home. We celebrated Christmas Eve with a Swedish dinner (and toasted to the fact that at last Britain and EU could agree upon the divorce agreement). And on Christmas Day we had the turkey with all its traditional trimmings, but started quite “un-English” by having oysters.

When our children were smaller, we divided the gifts between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but now (another first) we had all the gifts after the dinner on Christmas Day. Another proof that we are becoming more and more English as times go by!

Below you have a little slide show showing some moments of our Christmas holidays:

Slide show (click to advance):

  • The Great Hall with a Christmas Tree only half the size of our normal ones.
  • 002-201222-KM Christmas-018-JE
  • The fireplace and the tree are the two focal points
  • 004-201222-KM Christmas-001-JE
  • The tallest guy was at the bottom of the stairs
  • 006-201221-KM Christmas-014-JE
  • 007-201221-KM Christmas-022-JE
  • We didn’t do much to the drawing room
  • The stairs to the Solar and my Chambers got decorated as well
  • 010-201221-KM Christmas-111-JE
  • And in front of the Christmas tree
  • Lewis took the photos, where i appeared, but here I am behind the camera again
  • The ladies having a chat
  • Eric hate to be cuddled by his sisteer, but tries to put on a brave face
  • 015-201224-KM-006-JE-Edit
  • 016-201225-KM-004-JE
  • …followed by the turkey with all the dondiments and vegetables…
  • … and a bottle of Chateau La Tour de Pressac from 1974
  • And here the family is toasting all of you who watch our images.
  • 020-201225-KM-017-JE-Edit
  • Mikee and Eric served the cake
  • Jennifer sat at the fire place
  • 023-201225-KM-054-JE
  • and Mikee got a poncho from me
  • 025-201225-KM-032-JE-Edit
  • And Jen got a sexy coat from me. Doesn’t she look good in it?
  • 027-201225-KM-070-JE