Grandchildren at Knightstone

Saturday the 26 was the day we originally had planned to have our summer party at Knightstone, but due to Covid restrictions we had to move it a month forward. Instead we had a very pleasant visit by my daughter Susanne, her husband Dave and my two grandchildren, Emily and Elliot. Luckily the weather was good and the children loved the outdoor activities, so we were only inside the house a very limited time.

I am publishing it on my mother’s birthday, the 29 of June. She would have been 104 years old, if she had lived and would have loved to see her great grandchildren play.

Click on the arrows on the slideshow below to advance the images.

  • 001-210626-KM-018-JE
  • 002-210626-KM-072-JE
  • 003-210626-KM-109-JE-Edit
  • 004-210626-KM-277-JE
  • 005-210626-KM-128-JE
  • 006-210626-KM-205-JE
  • 007-210626-KM-229-JE
  • 008-210626-KM-240-JE
  • 009-210626-KM-265-JE
  • 010-210626-KM-284-JE
  • 011-210626-KM-314-JE
  • 012-210626-KM-337-JE

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