Filipino Adventure

 Mikee: Tito (Jan-Eric) had a foot operation in July and Tita (Jennifer) asked Eric and me, if we wanted to go on a Filipino adventure, while Tito’s foot healed. Of course we jumped at such proposal. A few days after Tito came out of the hospital and we could see that he was fine we jumped aboard a plane and flew to Manila. Tita Jennifer first took us to the north of Luzon, the main island of my country. We visited several old colonial towns and she dragged us into several museums. Both Eric and I pretended we liked the museums, but to be honest they were quite stuffy. But we had adventures too. I was zip lining across a beautiful lake. Eric and Tita felt it was too scary but I loved it.

And we went to sand dunes. They opened them up specifically for us and we had a four by four to cross the dunes and then we drove quad bikes. It was steep and especially downhill it was quite scary. I got on a surf board and surfed down the dunes, while Eric just watched us – and mainly his iPad. But we had lots of fun. And it was cool to see the old churches too. i didn’t know so much about Filipino history before.

Eric: After that we flew back to Manila and down to Bicol, where Mama was born and where Lola, my grandmother, lives. We stayed with them for a week. Mikee spent some time with her dad but what was really cool was all the surfing we did. Mama had arranged surf boards and teachers for us and we went out. I was really good. Mama and Mikee said that too, so it is really true. And one of our teachers was Riza’s previous boyfriend. Cool! When I see Riza again, I must remember to tease her about that.

And we met all my cousins and uncles and aunts at Lola’s and Lolo’s house. But the surfing was the best on our trip.

Mikee: After Bicol we flew down to one of the islands in the Visayas, Bohol. Bohol is famous for its chocolate hills. They look like chocolate pralines and when it is dry they turn brown like real chocolate. We took a day tour around the hills with car and quad bikes and river boat. We saw a tiny monkey (well, sort of monkey anyway) only 10 cm long (if you exclude his enormous tail) that was hidden among the bush. But as always I like the adventures most of all. And we had lots of adventures. I learned to scuba dive and we were down to a depth of 18 metres among all the fish and coral. It was soon beautiful. And we were bicycling across a line far above the hills. It felt scary, Tita said, but I just felt it was so much fun. See how happy I look on the pictures.

Eric: Thank you Mama for arranging all this for us. Mikee and I loved it. Mikee was very brave driving the quad bike down those steep slopes and cycling across the line and diving among the coral. And then we came home to Papa, who told us that he had been able to walk around the garden the other day. That is not much to brag about, is it, when you can venture around the world with your Mama? And Mama took such nice photos too! Look at her long range shots of me surfing. Good, aren’t they?


  • Luna Hotel, Vigan, Ilocos Sur
  • Old town of Vigan
  • Mikee in a local pottery, Vigan
  • Belltower ifor Bantay church, Vigan
  • Bantay Belltower
  • Local weavers
  • Kapurpurawan rock formations, Ilocos Norte
  • Kapurpurawan rock formations, Ilocos Norte
  • Mikee is ziplining in Pagudpud crossing the Blue Lagoon
  • 010-160722-Phil-083OTH
  • 011-160722-Phil-086OTH
  • 012-160723-Phil-240OTH
  • In the sand dunes
  • 4 x 4 (named Barbie) in the sand dunes
  • Jen driving a quad bike
  • Mikee on the sand dunes
  • Two pretty girls
  • Mikee sand boarding
  • Mikee sand boarding
  • …while Eric was watching on his iPhone
  • Jump shot
  • Mikee, Eric and Jennifer
  • Mikee driving the family
  • 024-160724-Phil-248OTH
  • In Bicol (where Jen and Mikee were born) the kids learned to surf
  • Mikee is being taught surf boarding by Andrew (Riza’s ex!!!)
  • Mikee succeeding
  • …and jumping off
  • Eric standing
  • Eric surfing
  • Getting up another time
  • The master of the art
  • Eric managing his board
  • Eric surfing
  • A happy boy
  • After success he is going ashore
  • Mikee learned scuba diving in Bohol
  • The pool is very deep and built specially to teach scuba diving
  • 039-160806-Phil-343OTH
  • Eric waiting for Mama to come back
  • Relaxing with his headphones
  • 042-160809-Phil-393OTH
  • They went on a tour of Bohol in car and on quad bikes
  • 044-160809-Phil-426OTH
  • A six hundred years’ old banyan tree
  • 046-160809-Phil-461OTH
  • Another jump shot in front of the chocolate hills
  • But Mikee enjoyed it.
  • Cycling in the sky. Mikee is behind Jennifer. Jennifer says it was really scary
  • 050-160809-Phil-466OTH
  • 051-160809-Phil-464OTH
  • Tarsier can jump forty times their body lengths
  • Notice the long tail
  • 054-160809-Phil-490OTH
  • Eric got a bow and arrow bought from the native tribes
  • Loboc river
  • The end station of the cruise