Giraffe Manor

Breakfast with the giraffes. To capture both giraffes and my family I had to use an extreme wide angle lens causing the right hand giraffe, who had his head only a metre from me, to be quite distorted. We were asked to finish our own breakfast first, before feeding the giraffes, because otherwise they would have had our food as well!

In July the family went on safari, but unfortunately Mikee’s passport didn’t arrive on time, so she had to stay at home (working and earning some money, while the rest of the family spent it in Kenya and Tanzania. We started with a “pre-safari” at Giraffe Manor, just outside Nairobi, before we flew to Samburo and then Masai Mara before we continued to Tanzania.

Giraffe Manor is an exclusive hotel, where the giraffes roam quite freely and they participated in our meals at teatime and during breakfast. During daytime the public could visit them at a nearby centre, where they were given giraffe treats.

We had lunch and dinner outside on the terrace. This image is taken just before dinner time.

In the afternoon a guide brought us across to the place, where the public could visit the giraffes at daytime. Each giraffe had a name and some where very friendly, others could give you a kick, if you weren’t careful, but we were told, but all of them came up close and wanted to say hello.

Our guide with a giraffe
Eric is taller than Jennifer now, but both of them were dwarfed by the giraffes

At teatime, the public viewing was closed and while we enjoyed tea at the terrace the giraffes approached us wanting more food. And we were surrounded not only by giraffes. A number of warthogs, walked around in the garden and birds sang for us in the trees.

Jennifer is putting a treat on the tongue of the giraffe
A giraffe shows his love of Eric

In the morning we were woken up by the giraffes. We stayed at the lovely Karen Blixen suite on the first floor, which had a balcony which was perfect for the tall giraffes to approach. But they also paid a visit to the terrace in the early morning and joined us for the breakfast later on.

Jennifer and Eric feeding a friendly giraffe from our balcony
And here they are trying to wake up our neighbours at their balcony.
They came to the terrace, where we had dinner the previous evening
But the highlight was the breakfast
I went outside to capture the giraffes looking in
And Jennifer feeding the giraffes the last of their breakfast

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  1. Oh my goodness, what charming photographs capturing an unforgettable experience. I laughed out loud at the bottoms shot with the giraffes looking in through the windows. Whoever thought of the idea for this hotel is a genius.

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