Glen Orchy

Falls of Orchy

Glen Orchy is another glen, which I drove through once and decided to come back to search for more opportunities. The southern part of river Orchy offered a calm beauty with the river meandering through corpses of trees. I climbed down to the river (see photo below) to catch the romantic feeling. What you, the reader, don’t see are the clouds of midgets that attached me and slightly destroyed the feeling of serenity that I felt, looking at the river from above. But I wanted the tree branch to fill in parts of the sky, and the stones in the river to be part of the foreground. What don’t you have to sacrifice for your art?

Further north the river got wilder with rapids and falls, of which the most magnificent are the Falls of Orchy. Very conveniently, a bridge was built across the river just below the falls, so I just walked out on the bridge. But, no – a protective net was covering the sides of the bridge and it was so fine-meshed that no camera lens could protrude through the tiny openings. I walked (rather climbed and crawled) along both sides of the river, but to no avail! At last I found a ledge just underneath the bridge, where I could set up my tripod. I couldn’t stand up without hitting my head on the bridge, but I got a great viewpoint for my image, and there were no mosquitos! Notice several round holes in the rocks from where stones have moved around by the water and polished the potholes. The power of water!

River Orchy