Knightstone in Colour

The entrance to the Park with weeping silver birches (betula pendula tristis) either side of the gate.

We have had glorious autumn colours this year and I captured a few images from our park the last days. But now rain and storm has caused many of the leaves to fall down from the trees and instead colouring the ground.

A hawthorn that was flowering in May, when I did the “garden walk” and is now carrying lots of berries
An oak tree (American red oak; Quercus Rubra) that we planted in 2005
The red oak tree from the previous image is in the distance and yellow birches (betula utilas) to the right
Two beech trees in front of us at the southern end of the park
Another American red oak to the left and in front of it a dogwood. In the middle of the image a snake bark maple. To the right with the very red leaves is an Eastern redbud.