Signed, Sealed & Delivered

The seal colony at Start Point; 0.5 Sec; 400 mm

I had already been to Start Point twice to capture the sunrise, once very successfully on a clear morning and once with beautiful cloud formations but no sun. I discovered a colony of seals, but didn’t have a large tele lens available at those times.

Now I returned for a third time equipped with a Canon 100 – 400 mm lens and the camera and a tripod. The rocks are very slippery to walk on, but I succeeded to set up my tripod and in the last half hour before sunset, I captured some images of the seals. As it was my third visit to deliver a series of Start Point photos, I thought it was appropriate to give the blog the title: Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

Just before sunset the sky turned pinkish. 1.3 sec, f 14, 100 mm

On my return back to the car I stopped to capture Great Mattiscombe Sands 15 minutes after sunset, before climbing up the steep hill with only some sheep and cows as company before reaching the car.