Nusfjord Village in Lofoten

Nusfjord is a remote fishing village on the Lofoten Islands. I loved the water coming in between the Rorbuer and the snow-covered boulders that were lying in the protected pool. Like a giant had thrown pebbles into a pond. And the wooden deck along the quay, with a lonely fishing boat tied up but ready to go out and meet the elements again.

There is only one road to Nusfjord, and it offered an exciting view going straight into the mountains. I was wondering if we would drive into a tunnel or something, but the road turned around and alongside a small lake before the decent into Nusfjord.

The road to Nusfjord
The harbour and quay at Nusfjord

The tiny village had the distinction of having an excellent restaurant, Karoline, and also a shop combined with a café, where Jennifer and I had waffles (of course, what else?) with the traditional sour cream and jam together with a group of photographers. We came back another evening to visit Karoline, and were very impressed again. The images from the evening were taken with my iPhone (yes, I have learnt how to use an iPhone too for photography!)

A final image of the Rorbuer at Nusfjord

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