Polruan Painted

“Ghosting out – Leaving Polruan” by Clive Brown

Out of the blue one day I was contacted by the artist Clive Brown. He wanted to paint a picture of Polruan and its harbour and had seen one of my images on my website. He wanted to use it as a reference photo for his painting. Of course I was pleased to let him do that. He kindly sent me a copy of his painting. The original is now on a wall in a house in Polruan.

The light was amazing, and was probably what drew Clive to my image in the first place. Clive is interested in sailing and added a Falmouth working boat sailing out of the harbour to the image. Some artistic license must be allowed, especially, when the result adds further life to the image and includes a classic yacht under sail!

For those of you who would be interested in Clive’s work, his website is: https://www.clivebrownfineartwork.com/ and you can also reach him at cliveandodi@gmail.com. Clive lives now at the Western Cape in South Africa.

Below is my original photo.

My photo from October 2020 of Polruan that inspired Clive Brown’s painting

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