Stallions and fowls

Fighting stallions

A week ago I posted a series of photos of the Yilki horse, roaming semi-wild on the hillsides beside the Erciyes Volcano. We saw two stallions fighting each other and the drama unfolded in front of our eyes and cameras as the evening came closer. I decided to publish the whole series of this fight in this separate post.

This was the first image I took before the real fight had started
The brown stallion was more aggressive and had superiority during most of the fight

The whole episode lasted less than a minute and then calm was restored among the herd.

A couple of times we saw a horse trying to run away from its herd. One succeeded but one was chased back by the dogs. I have caught that in two photos published below here.

And to calm you down after the drama I finish off with some photos of the incredibly cute fowls. I loved the interaction between fowl and mare, which you can clearly see in many of my photos. The mares are so protective.

Look how protective all the mares are around the fowl that is tired after having run a long way on the steppes
The last sun rays lit up the two fowls with their mothers as the majestic volcano in the background appeared above the herd

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