A Walk Around Marstrand

The island of Marstrand is a must on our summer visits to Sweden. The famous Carlstens Fortress in the background

After a lot of rain during a couple of days including Jennifer’s birthday the northwesterly winds brought blue skies and fluffy clouds, but it was still a lot of wind and the seas were breaking relentlessly at the rocks and skerries along the shore. We took, with most of the Marstrand inhabitants and visitors, a walk around the island.  The children ran around so much that they must have run at least three times the distance I walked.TheT

The further out we came the rougher the wind blew and more spray and foam covered my children as they ran along the skerries.

We had kuling winds (half storm) and the waves were braking at the many skerriesxx

Inland there is a little “park” and a lovely pond with water lilies. Beside the pond is a perfect climbing tree for children. Due to the winter storms the trees on the island don’t grow tall but sometimes grow horizontally. In one of those trees the children have been climbing since the were small and I remember climbing among those trees as a child too. And Mikee isn’t too old to join Eric in a little adventure.

This is a tree where the children have climbed since the first time they came to Marstrand

One thought on “A Walk Around Marstrand

  1. Beautiful place to spend a holiday, over there!
    Here in Lucca we have, in this moment, about 35 degrees + “in the shadow”. Very unusual this hot!
    I noticed that Mikee and Eric junior grew up a lot at this time and certainly enjoy their time with
    you and Jennifer.
    wish you all the best for the time to came.
    Your sincerily, Piero Micheini.

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