Dart Stepping Stones

Walla Brook south of the clapper bridge and before it meets Dart River

In winter 2020/2021 I had followed Walla Brook to find a clapper bridge. I wanted to continue after the clapper bridge further down until Walla Brook flowed into East Dart River, but the heavy precipitation at the time prevented me from walking any further. Now, towards the end of June, after a very dry spring and summer it was very easy.

At the confluence of Walla Brook and East Dart River a series of stepping stones bridged the river and brought me to the south side, where I could continue my walk along the river.

Where Walla Brook met the river, a series of stepping stones brought me to the other side of the river.
The Stepping Stones photographed from the other (south side). Walla Brook can just be seen entering the East Dart River to the right of the stepping stones.

The most famous Stepping Stones in Devon are probably the Tarr Steps on Exmoor. Stepping Stones were a traditional way of bridging a small river or stream, if no animals needed to cross. If packhorses must cross, it had to be over a clapper bridge instead. I have several posts dedicated to Clapper Bridges and I have described another set of Stepping Stones across the River Bovey in my post about North Bovey. Several of the Stepping Stones across rivers date from medieval times, but I am not sure how old these stepping stones here are.

It is unusual that I figure in my own photos, but I set up my camera on a tripod and had my release in one hand to illustrate the size of the Stepping Stones.

The last image was captured a little bit further down the river. The stepping stones can just be seen in the background.

River Dart with the Stepping Stones just visible in the background

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