Jennifer’s birthday

We celebrated Jennifer’s birthday in August with a dinner at Lympstone Manor, Michael Caine’s restaurant just outside Exmouth (half an hour from Knightstone Manor). Lympstone has a star in Guide Michelin and is certainly worth both one and two stars. We had a great evening and took our drinks outside viewing the last sunrays caressing the newly planted vineyard and further away river Exe and Exmouth.

But in the morning all of us, except Jennifer, went away to buy flowers for Jennifer. Eric, who sat in the back seat was totally dwarfed by all the bouquets of flowers surrounding him.

We bought flowers for Jennifer on her birthday. Eric is nearly disappearing among all the bouquets
We had dinner at Lympstone Manor (Michael Caine’s restaurant) in the evening and had drinks outside
My two girls
Exmouth lit up by the setting sun. Notice the Devon vineyard in the foreground.