Kynance Cove

The sands trip connecting the island covered in green with the mainland to the right is lovely and inviting in low tide, but the island is totally cut off from the mainland at high tide.

Lovely sandy beaches surrounded by serpentine rock formations in red and green and enveloped by the turquoise water that changes the landscape/seascape quite dramatically between high and low tide – that is Kynance Cove. The sheer sides of the cliffs along the coast, the sharp and tall rock stacks and the dark red and green of the serpentine rock minerals makes it very beautiful in sunshine. And after a failed attempt during a rainy afternoon I was able to come back in stunning sunshine and could understand why sun seekers and painters – and photographers – are so attracted to this cove on the exposed west side of the Lizards.

Another view of Kynance Cove
The outer sea stacks
Immediately to the left of where I stood, when I captured the first image above, the rocks went vertically down to the sea 50 metres below. I hardly dared to look out as I set up the tripod to capture the image looking straight down below. But the final image doesn’t look scary at all! Unfortunately, a little bit of the drama disappeared in the creation of the image!

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