Rippon Tor

Rippon Tor seen from the west. Through the gate is a nice walk that I only shared with a couple of cows and a few sheep

On my previous “photographic expeditions” I have photographed Rippon Tor from Emsworthy Rocks and from Top Tor and Pil Tor. The first image above is taken from Hemsworthy Gate looking up towards Rippon Tor. Whereas I may have to wait for people to walk out of my frame, when I am taking photos on Haytor, here I was totally alone with a couple of cows and sheep as my only company.

I started my walk from the gate in the photo above. The next photo was captured a previous day and is from Pil Tor looking east. And the photo below that that is from half way up outside the wall enclosing the Rippon Tor area. The lonely tree in the image is the same tree that can be seen in the first picture standing along the wall leading up to Rippon Tor.

Rippon Tor captured from Pil Tor
Along the wall enclosing the Rippon Tor area

Rippon Tor is taller (473 m) than any of the nearby more famous tors surrounding it, and on a clear day you have a commanding view all the way towards Princetown in the west. But still it isn’t much visited. Serious ramblers as well as the fun seeking weekend family all go to the more famous tors like Haytor or Hound Tor whereas Rippon Tor is calm and deserted. That is a pity, because the views are stunning. But although I knew that, what I didn’t expect the first time I walked up to the top were the lovely views I got towards the east and southeast of the English Channel and the entrance to the harbour at Teignmouth. And looking north we can see Haytor with its dramatic granite outcrop sticking up above the surrounding landscape. And next to it is Saddle Tor.

Evening sunshine on one of the granite boulders at the top of Rippon Tor. Below to the left of the large boulder the Teignmouth harbour and the estuary of Teign River can be seen clearly and beyond is the English Channel
The last sun-rays on the prominent boulder at Rippon Tor looking northeast. Haytor is very prominent in the middle of the image and just beside Haytor, to the left, is Saddle Tor

When the sun was about to set the lovely warm colours disappeared, the wind became a little bit chilly although it was the last of summer still and I repositioned my camera to capture the sun itself (towards the west southwest). And then a walk back as darkness swept over the moor and my family and a glass of wine awaiting me at home.

Sunset at Rippon Tor

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