New Olive Tree

Our new olive tree. Behind is the steps to the wildflower meadow and through the openings on either side you can see or daisies in bloom

In 2012/13 when we built the new stable block and new house for Lewis and his family we created as well a new courtyard to the north of the manor in a very different style from the medieval manor and its gardens. We have had a cherry tree in an enormous pot in the middle of yard, but it wasn’t thriving there, so Lewis was itching to create something more substantial as focal point in the courtyard. Jennifer and Lewis jointly agreed that it should be an olive tree, and Lewis has been digging down and made a new round wall similar to the ones we have around our ponds in the main courtyard and the rose garden.

We (=Lewis) should cap it with coping similar to the steps on the stairs to the wildflower meadow behind, but the coping will take a few more weeks to arrive. And Lewis want to complete the picture of an “Italianite” garden by planting small citrus trees in pots flanking the stairs going up to the meadow. They may have to be removed to the greenhouse in wintertime, but would add to the atmosphere.

The tree is new for us but more than a century old. The crown was cut down to make it easier to transport, but will hopefully grow out some more in the years to come. It arrived on a 20 tonnes lorry and was lifted into its place last Friday.