Blooms of Knightstone

Knightstone Manor in mid June with the wall outside the library covered in roses

June is a wonderful time at Knightstone. We have always our big garden party in June, coinciding with Eric’s birthday, but this year we have been forced to move it to July and last year we couldn’t have it all all do u to Covid restrictions. But I wanted to share with you anyway the beauty of an English home, where the walls are covered by flowering roses and other blooms. Our walls enclosing the front gardens are now covered in all possible colours.

The north wall to our front garden is covered in wisteria and in front of it you see from left to right a choisya shrub with its white flowers (native to North Africa) then geranium (deep blue flowers), Nepeta or catmint (taller paler blue flower), red hot poker (orange flower behind the catmint) and peonies in deep pink or red. Finally to the very right pink roses. Isn’t it amazing how much I know about gardening!?
Above our garden the wildflower meadow is now full of oxeye daisies in bloom

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