Skiing in Lech

The town of Lech was very beautiful and with lots of restaurants to entertain Jennifer and me, who weren’t skiing

In the beginning of the children’s Easter holiday we went skiing to Lech. We had a chalet of our own in the town centre and enjoyed the lovely restaurants in and around Lech while Mikee and Eric skied every day having one instructor each. The first two days they went separate routes, as Mikee is more experienced than Eric, but after that they always went together. Most of the days Jennifer and I met up with the children and their instructors for lunch at a pre-agreed lunch spot in the mountains. And the weather was mostly like you can see on my images.

Lech. We had a large cottage for our family a little bit further up to the right
In Oberlech 200 m higher up than Lech, it was still plenty of snow. Oberlech is totally car free in winter and you come up via the cable cars
We met the children and their two ski instructors here in Oberlech for lunch several days in our week
Mikee and Eric with their ski instructors
When we wanted to tke a fun picture Eric failed to lift his ski and fell
Mikee doing a 360 degree fast turn as ski is sking down the slopes