Poundbury visit

Ulrika, Susanne with Elliot (1 year) and Dave with Emily (4 years)

After coming back from North Devon I visited Susanne and Dave and my grandchildren, Elliot (1 year old) and Emily (4 years old). Ulrika, my eldest daughter was also there. They live in Poundbury, a model village, which really is a part of Dorchester in Dorset.

We hadn’t seen each other at all in 2020 and now with the pandemic reclining a little (although we may have a second wave coming) we dared to meet up in our extended family. The village is one of Prince Charles “pet projects” and is very successful in its design and execution. The image above is from our walk just north of the village at the remains of an old Iron Age hill fort.

Dave with Emily on the ramparts of the hill fort

The architecture of Poundbury is very clever with protected walkways, where the cars are prohibited and local shops that takes you back to an earlier time, but the houses are very modern and with many individual styles but all held together by an integrating architectural concept.

In Poundbury village after our walk