Mikee’s Surprise Party

Mikee nearly disappearing among all the pink!

Mikee’s Asian girlfriends locally in Ottery arranged a surprise birthday party for Mikee, now when she had turned 18. Jennifer pretended they should deliver something at a local house and there were her friends waiting for her. The whole house was decorated in pink, and Jennifer had arranged for a new dress for Mikee that she changed into at the party place (Greg’s and Cleo’s house).

And Mikee’s dress was of course pink as well! Look at the colour scheme in the pictures. It is really only one colour! I got dizzy editing the photos staring at so much pink!

Just turned 18

They were very observant of the restrictions of six, so it was only four girls plus Lai’s boyfriend Carlos. And I was allowed to join them for a little photoshoot but had to disappear after that. I don’t know how Carlos managed with four girls and all this pink!

Grendel, Mikee, Lai and Chai
Mikee blowing the candle in the cake