Swedish National Day Dinner

Swedish National Day dinner

It had turned cold in Devon, so we had dinner inside on the Swedish National Day. Oysters from Dawlish handpicked on the beach by Jennifer’s Filipino friends. Jennifer spent lots of time opening them, which is hard work. And with the oysters we had a rosé champagne (Grenmillet) that Chris Piper had delivered.

But after that we became traditionally Scandinavian with herrings and bleak roe with sour cream, chopped onion and chives. Swallowed down with beer and a schnapps (bäska droppar). Although I have to admit I was the only one drinking the beer and bäsk, whereas both Mikee and Jennifer helped to empty the champagne bottle.

My Danish friend, John de la Cour, had told me off for even thinking of drinking champagne on a Scandinavian National Day, but with a majority of my family holding British passports I had to give in. And I am more scared of my wife and children next to me than of my friend John, who is on the other side of Exeter.

And the main course was the equally traditional meatballs served with Lingonberries and our special “prince sausages” with a mustard from Skåne.

And Jennifer had made a strawberry, mascarpone and lemon curd tart which maybe wasn’t totally Swedish but very delicious all the same.