Eric playing guitar

Eric has been interested in playing guitar for a long time. Riza started teaching him, when he was five years old. Hi is sitting in the kitchen on the step up to the breakfast room with Riza behind checking that he is playing correctly. And a year later, at thee age of six, he is performing at his school (St John’s School in Sidmouth).

Eric in Jan 2014 (five years old)
Eric playing guitar at St. John’s in front of the students at Junior school. Jan 2015 (Eric 6 years)
Photo by Amy Kerr

He has continued to study in school and got a little extra tuition. In March 2020 he did his grade one exam for guitar with a merit. But now in the lockdown period he is getting lessons on Zoom from his tutor, Mr. Dave Bowen.

Eric being tutored by Dave Bowen. Dave’s guitar is visible on the computer screen
Eric playing in our breakfast room, where he normally has his virtual lessons (Now 12 years old)