Waterfalls tested

Among our projects were a couple of new waterfalls along our small stream. Lewis created them from scratch, while it was quite dry and we could stop the water at the pond upstream for a couple of days.

After the cement had hardened, the water start flowing again and we had our little stream back. This is, where I have my breakfast most mornings in the summer. With the sound of the tiny waterfalls filling the air together with the bird song and the baby sheep running after their mothers in the field above.

But the real test was of course not if I enjoyed it, but if the real inhabitants would appreciate it. And they did! Our ducks decided to test them immediately, and went upstream as soon as the water came back and both the mother duck and the ducklings succeeded to climb up the steps with flying colours!

Our duck family went upstream as soon as the water from the pond came back on
They reach the first new waterfall and tried to climb up
The mother duck was first
A rest between the tiny steps of waterfalls
And then the next ledge to overcome
And everyone successfully climbed up that ledge as well.
The new waterfalls were approved by the inhabitants!