Farewell to Knightstone II

The entrance to the Manor. Like all medieval Hall Houses, the door was facing another door at the other end of the Manor leading out to the courtyard

This is a second rhapsody of images from our time at Knightstone. I hope they will evoke some memories for those of you who have been with us and inspire those of you who will have it as a home or visit it in the future.

At the Rose Garden pond. Eric isn’t quite a year old
This part of the garden was originally the playground for Eric and Mikee
But Mikee and Eric grew up (as children do), and in 2022 Lewis created this exciting garden instead in the old playground area
Detail of the new garden
Summer lunch in the courtyard (on my birthday 2016)
Guests at Eric’s birthday party 2018
And the same courtyard a calm winter evening
Christmas Carols at Knightstone 2013

Our breakfast room has fulfilled many functions. It served as a party room for the kids, a place for studying and the family’s casual dining room.

Dinner at Christmas during the Covid period (2020)
The library. The library was in medieval times the parlour. Of course the households at those times didn’t have any books apart from maybe a hand-written bible. The fire place is Tudor.
The duel is about to start! Eric’s party 2015

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