Michaela & David

Michaela and David on their engagement morning at Saddle Tor

Do you remember the sunrise shot I took from Saddle Tor just after New Year. A couple was climbing up the tor before sunrise waiting fo the sun to rise, and when I moved to my next photo location they came running after me and told me that they just got engaged and asked for my contact details. When I published my photos they contacted me and asked for a photo of the sunrise.

Now Michaela and David has written back again and sent a photo of their engagement on Saddle Tor at sunrise on the 2nd of January. I have got their permission to publish the lovely photo. They also sent me a photo of a painting that one of their friends had made of the sunrise from my website. Nothing works better to cheer us up in these times of the pandemic than a romantic story at a beautiful setting!

All of us in the family have enjoyed this lovely story and we wish Michaela and David the best of luck.

Sunrise over Saddle Tor as Michaela & David got engaged up on the tor to the left